I dig Alton Brown. He's not a foodie, per se, as much as he is a food nerd. He knows all the scientific reasons that cooking does things to food that make it more yummier. Especially steak.

Strangely enough he says his favorite steak to grill is flank steak. And that's what he grills in this video. But he does something I wasn't expecting. He puts the meat directly on the coals. No grate or anything.

Now I wonder if this technique works for any type of steak. I prefer the filet or ribeye. More importantly, however, is what is your favorite steak recipe? Share it with us, cause its summer and grilling season is here.

Watch the video.

How to Cook Steak on CoalsPerfectly grilled steak in mere minutes ... over coals. Recipe: http://bit.ly/SteakOnCoals

Posted by Alton Brown on Saturday, May 30, 2015




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