For years, Fast and Furious fans and hoped and prayed that someday the franchise would endure long enough that its stunts might get so outrageous they could extend into the final frontier: Cars in space. Finally, the trailer for F9: The Fast Saga confirms their wish is coming true. The Fast crew is going interstellar.

Exactly how and why is obviously not explained in the trailer. But director Justin Lin told The Hollywood Reporter a little about what went into making cars in space a reality (or at least a big CGI effect in a movie). Lin says going into space was a Fast idea that he’s “kicked around for years” but that he “wanted to find the right emotional arc to make it more than just a gimmick.” Finally, with F9 he found that. (I can’t wait to hear what emotional arc involves sending a car into space!)

As for actually achieving the stunt, Lin actually consulted with experts to figure out a way to make the idea plausible. As he put it:

I'm on the phone with scientists, learning about fuel and physics. It was great, having the scientists on the other line going, 'wait, what? What are you trying to do?' I love it.

The behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of F9: The Fast Saga is going to be the second-best movie of 2021, behind F9: The Fast Saga. In case you missed it, here’s the F9: The Fast Saga trailer:

F9: The Fast Saga is scheduled to open in theaters on June 25. Also: F9 is the first act of a three-part finale to the Fast and Furious franchise; Fast 10 and Fast 11 will then conclude the series forever. (Supposedly.) If they’re going to space in the first part, what the heck do they have planned to top it in 10 and 11?

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