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A Lubbock woman has sworn off daycares after her 2-year-old son somehow escaped from one.

KAMC News reports that 2-year-old Kielan Williams was at recess at Teacher's Touch Daycare, located at 5220 75th Street, when he managed to run off. Someone happened to find him wandering in a nearby neighborhood and called police.

Apparently, there wasn't a lock on the gate.

The owner of the daycare, Ashley Williams, says she was notified by teachers that a student was missing right when he noticed a nearby police vehicle. She then realized it was Kielan who had gotten out and was in the care of the police.

Kielan's mother, Kailey Vasquez, was contacted immediately, along with all of the other parents. She soon after picked up her child and took him home.

Vasquez says that there weren't enough eyes per kid, as there were over 10 children on the playground and two teachers were watching them. She has since said:

"No more daycares," Vasquez said after the incident. "I know, it was an accident, but my son could have gotten picked up, my son could have got hit by a car. Anything, the worst thing that anything could have happened to him."

The daycare will now be increasing the number of cameras they have on-site to include more views of the playground and other areas. The secondary playground has been shut down until an additional gated area can be installed. Child locks have also been added to the exits.

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