Hip Hop artist Rittz is coming to Lubbock November 17th to the Depot Patio (1718 Ave E). Tickets are available here. Rittz is considered one of the best flows in rap, and a review of his most recent album stated, "like spinach dip or cocaine, if you get just an appetizer of Rittz and it's delicious, you’ll be hungry for the main course"

So here's some spinach dip of Rittz (some naughty language in both videos, it is hip hop afterall):

Rittz is a Georgian artist on Tech9's label Strange Music Inc. Rittz commonly collaborates with other artists, especially Yelawolf.

Whether you've been a fan of Rittz for years, or just became a one, supporting local hip hop shows is the best way to get more acts in to our town. I hope to see you there.





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