Blame it on the pot a man in Groesbeck, Texas smoked and the thunderstorm passing over the trailer park where he lived.

The two things mixed when one of the man's dogs that was afraid of thunderstorms bit him on the rear after being scared by the storm. The bite, combined with the marijuana, caused him to believe he had been shot in the buttocks (for some reason).

So he did what anyone would do if they thought they'd been shot: call the police.

Now, Groesbeck is a small, quiet town east of Waco that hardly ever sees any kind of real crime. All that changed when rumors of a shooting raced through the town. Groesbeck was abuzz. So much so that Police Chief Chris Henson put an explanation of what had actually happened on the department's Facebook page, explaining what really happened. And it's as hilarious as you'd expect.

And that's why we have cats.

On that note: Everyone have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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