Is there really a point to Daylight Savings Time? It was originally implemented widely in 1916 and has managed to stick around in most parts of the United States and throughout other places in the world. There's advantages and disadvantages, but it mostly seems like just a habit at this point.

According to Wikipedia:

Putting clocks forward benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but can cause problems for outdoor entertainment and other activities tied to sunlight, such as farming.Though some early proponents of DST aimed to reduce evening use of incandescent lighting—once a primary use of electricity—today's heating and cooling usage patterns differ greatly, and research about how DST affects energy use is limited and contradictory.

Hawaii and Arizona already have opted out of daylight savings- is it time for Texas to as well? If you believe so, there is currently a campaign to opt out on Facebook. It isn't one event, but rather a call to action to deluge the current session of the Legislature with your opinion on the matter:

We need a record number of calls/emails/and hand-written letters going to the Texas State Representatives asking them to support HB # 95 and to the Texas State Senators asking them to support SB # 238.

According to the campaign, more problems are caused by daylight savings than are solved by adhering to it:

Springing forward causes...:
* government imposed jet lag and:
* an increase in traffic accidents (some fatal)
* an increase in heart attacks (some fatal)
* an increase in On-The-Job accidents (some fatal)
* an increase in strokes (some fatal)
* an increase in suicide attempts (some teenagers/some fatal)
* leaves thousands of bus students and those walking to school in morning darkness, at greater risks of being hit by a vehicle or assaulted.

While I am uncertain as to whether daylight savings can possibly attributed to an increase in heart attacks or strokes (I guess because your sleeping pattern gets disrupted? I have no idea) I do know that I find the process obnoxious if nothing else.

If you would like to join the campaign, you can find out how to participate on their Facebook Event Page, or simply contact your representatives and let them know you either love it or hate it.  But I'd still be prepared to wake up early on March 12th.

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