On Monday night, Halle Berry returned home from her Hawaiian vacation with her daughter Nahla and her fiancé Oliver Martinez. And when they landed at the airport in L.A., the paparazzi were all over them.

Olivier was carrying Nahla, and Halle acted as his blocker. She even shoved one of the photographers and screamed, quote,

"Get away, there's a child! Jesus! What the [eff] is wrong with you people? She's a child!"

When the guy asked Halle why she hit him, she said, quote,

"There's a child here. That's why, you idiots!"

Seconds later, though, Halle actually had to protect the photographer from Olivier. Because he put Nahla into a waiting SUV and then turned to attack.

Halle basically shoved him into the car, saying, quote, "Olivier, no! Olivier, no!"

When, if ever are we going to limit the rights of these bloodsucking paprazzi?

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