The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Zoo made famous by the show 'Tiger King' is no more.

Here you thought you heard the last of the 'Tiger King' saga. I'll be honest, kinda forgot about it as well. The last I heard anything related to this show was back at the beginning of June. Carol Baskin was awarded control of about 16 acres of land in Garvin County, Oklahoma, that is home to an animal park with an array of big cats. That would be the Greater Wynnewood Zoo that you have seen on the show.


This was due to ongoing lawsuit with Joe Maldonado or as you probably know him as Joe Exotic. He's currently still in prison after being found guilty in a murder for hire plot. The court order says that the current owners have 120 days to vacate the property. That would be Jeff Lowe, who you have also seen on the 'Tiger King' show.

Well it looks like the Greater Wynnewood Zoo is no more, but not thanks to Carol Baskins. Well, at least that's what they're saying. According to their announcement, it has been an issue with the USDA. The announcement says, “The very agency that has given my facility five consecutive perfect inspections, has now folded to the pressures of PETA and continue to make false accusations against me."

"Suspiciously, less than 24 hours after I contacted the USDA to voluntarily forfeit my license, they notify me that they are suspending my license for 21 days for a litany of falsehoods.” It looks like Jeff has had enough with this park and is closing it down for good. Jeff isn't getting out of the zoo game though.


He still plans on operating the Tiger King Zoo in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The post on the announcement of the closings also said that the animals at the Greater Wynnewood Zoo would be properly taken care of. I believe Jeff Lowe will still be caring for the animals until Carol Baskins officially takes over the property, but the zoo is now officially closed to the public.

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