This week is the perfect time to buy your holiday pies and 'feed a friend, easy as pie.' Mary Gerlach, Assistant Director of Lubbock Meals on Wheels shared the details of their annual fundraiser with me.

The Meals On Wheels Campaign runs November 11th-19th at United Supermarkets and this is the 25th year Lubbock Meals on Wheels has partnered with Sara Lee and United Supermarkets.

For just 5 dollars you can get a pie at any United Supermarket, Market Street or Amigos store in Lubbock, Gerlach said the simplest way to participate is at the grocery checkout. "Tell them how much you want to donate and have them add it on to your grocery bill," said Mary,

"You get a coupon for every 5 dollars that you donate," she told me. The coupon is for a free Sara Lee pie. Varieties include: home-style apple, dutch apple, cherry, pumpkin, mince, sweet potato, and peach  You can also call Meals on Wheels or visit their website to participate.

This is Lubbock Meals On Wheels' second largest fundraiser, with a goal of $75,000 according to their press release. Gerlach explained that through a $3.7 million grant from the Talkington Charitable Foundation, they are working on an expansion and look forward to keeping pace with our growing community. The expansion is expected to reach completion by the summer of 2017.

Gerlach said more volunteers are always needed. They currently serve hot, nutritious meals to over 700 homebound, elderly and disabled people each weekday. They have over 1,400 volunteers and 13 staff members to carry out their mission.

An important part of the food delivery is the visit. They are able check on our elderly and disabled, and to help folks if there is a concern. She explained that this brings peace of mind to a lot of working adults who have elderly parents.

If you need Lubbock Meals On Wheels services, the criteria is not income related.
If you're unable to leave home, unable to prepare a meal and have no one to do it for you, Lubbock Meals On Wheels can work to be there to bring you a fresh, hot, nutritious meal, Gerlach explained.

If you would like to volunteer an application is available on their website, or call them at 806-792-7971. You can stop in to visit them at the Lubbock Meals On Wheels office 2304-34th.