The power of Garth Brooks and this beautiful song will surely forever hold a wonderful memory for this happy couple. The song held such sweet and special meaning that their future baby is bound to be named after Garth!

During his show in Lubbock, Texas, Garth Brooks stopped the show after noticing a sign a couple in the audience was holding about their unborn baby. The country legend took the opportunity to have some fun and make a memory the couple will never forget.

"Let me suggest just off the top of my head three names. Garthlene, Brooke...let's just stop there," Brooks joked with the couple after congratulating them.

I can't even imagine how blessed this couple felt to have their expected baby serenaded by Garth Brooks in this way. His concert was packed with emotional moments, and he took time for many of the personal messages held up by fans during the encore. But this spontaneous song really strikes a very special note that touched everyone that night.

So often, we think of going to heaven at the end of our life, but how unique to think about what that conversation was with God before we got here. This is just one shining example of how Garth Brooks and his powerful perspective on life in so many of his songs lives on in our hearts forever.

I am especially touched by this because my daughter is named Brooke. I sent her this video right away. She's 22 and in college now, but I know it will strike a chord with her as it has with me. We have been truly blessed by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood's five-Show World Tour stop in Lubbock.

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