Trailer-crafting can prove every much an art as filmmaking itself, and whether or not Suicide Squad manages to right the course of DC movies, the David Ayer villain thriller will have given us several great promos. So great, in fact, that even your aversion to  mash-up trailers wouldn’t dare extend to this pretty spectacular pairing with Game of Thrones.

Nevermind that Walking Dead / Deadpool mash-up going around, Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad unexpectedly goes hand in hand, as a crack team of misfits around Westeros assembles to take on the Night King. It isn’t that far from what the actual characters’ assembly might end up looking like, especially if Tyrion keeps up his usual diet of wine and wit.

In any case, you’re warned of the odd spoiler for all six seasons of Game of Thrones, but take a look for yourself above. If nothing else, never was there a more perfect mash-up pairing than the Joker and Ramsay Bolton.

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