Living in an apartment or rental house has TONS of perks but sometimes we feel a little limited in how we can decorate. With rules about what we can hang, paint, paper to our walls, here are some great ways to get the same effects and still get your deposit back!

  1. Painting: If you can’t paint your walls, paint your furniture. This is a great way to add color to your space! Anything from your headboard to a coffee table can really pop with fresh coat of bright colored paint.
  2. Utilize the Floor Coverings: Rental situations leave you stuck sometimes, cover up any unsightly color of carpet or spice up a tiled room in the house with a fun and decorative rug.
  3. Reflect: Mirrors reflect light and color. Create a bigger living space and a brighter room with a mirror on the wall.
  4. Drapes: Drapes are another way to put the colors and designs you want up on your walls with out having to make the big commitment or possible damage of painting or applying wallpaper. Try mounting your curtains an extra foot wide on each side of the window to make the window look bigger and fill the wall for a more dramatic décor!
  5. Pictures: Fill boring or plain walls with a picture collage. Using multiple frames of multiple sizes you can fill up an entire wall. This will cover up the white space you’re trying to avoid while filling your place with an effective display of people, places, or things you love.

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