With the 4th of July coming up, fireworks are going to be all the rage through the weekend and especially on the night of the 4th.

While most everyone is already aware of Lubbock’s restrictions on fireworks within the city limits, that still doesn’t stop many people from setting them off anyway. You are also highly likely to see and hear them at the edge of and outside of the Lubbock city limits.

While it is all fun and in good spirits, even if done legally, there is a debate on how late is too late to set them off.

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Some people take the stance that 4th of July evening is about having fun, creating memories, and it doesn’t matter how late you are setting off fireworks. Others strongly believe in their beauty sleep, especially on a work night, and prefer the festivities to end at a certain time.

I recently saw a debate about this in my own neighborhood’s Facebook group. One person asked for fireworks to not be set off past midnight, and there was a strong mix of responses. Some agreed, believing that sundown to midnight is plenty of time for firework fun. Others were offended by the request, stating that it is an evening that shouldn’t have any sort of curfew and that requiring people to stop by midnight is “robbing people of core memories.”

I see the point on both sides, but I'm curious what the majority of people believe. Should there be a curfew placed on fireworks on the 4th of July?

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