There's a story on the internet right now about how many Top 40 radio morning shows are mostly fake. Here's bit from the article:

"On Monday we learned about a curious new venture from Premiere Radio Networks that offers radio shows "voice talent to take/make your on-air calls"—in other words, fake talk-radio callers. And then we heard from a few folks in the business, and it turns out this is a thing! All of wacky morning drive-time radio, apparently, is populated by voice actors pretending to be jilted lovers--Ryan Seacrest is a major practitioner"

The article goes on to interview some voice actors who have done this exact job, "The great prank phone calls—they're all fake. If it's top 40, and if it has a morning show, then it uses actors." This includes a bit we've all probably heard before called "The War Of The Roses." Here's an example of that radio bit: a female listener suspects her boyfriend or husband is cheating. While she stays silently on the line, the DJ calls the suspected cheater and pretends to offer a free delivery of roses to the person of his choice.

And here's Ryan Seacrest doing just that:

Now while that's obviously pretty crappy to do your listeners, I want to point out that bits like this have never been perpetrated on The Bobby Bones Show on KISS FM. Unlike some very obvious other morning show options around, Bobby Bones doesn't lie to his listeners, he doesn't need to. His show is crazy enough with just the regular listeners calling in. If you ever hear pieces like these on some other morning show you can probably bet its fake. But you won't hear them here. And that's a KISS guarantee. There's many reasons Bobby's #1 in Lubbock, and being real is one of the most important.

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