There's an exciting new concept coming to Lubbock. It's an original restaurant called Thirsty Dilla, set to open soon at 82nd and Milwaukee.

I spoke to Brent Odell, one of their founders and managers, who I met at The Library Bar's recent chili cook-off.

"We will have things such as signature quesadillas and build your own quesadillas," Odell said. The restaurant will also offer beer and wine, plus a great feature: dessert quesadillas.

Plus, they plan to be open for breakfast, with breakfast quesadillas and coffee.

"We started on this whole idea for Thirsty Dilla because we're going to have a lot of drinks, so we've got 18 different kinds of Coca Cola products and a big mix of beers," Odell said. Micheladas and Boba tea will also be on the menu.

Odell said their hours would most likely be from 7 a.m. - midnight most nights.

When will they open? Well, they don't have an exact date yet, but they're working through a few details and have high hopes of opening very soon.

We wish them the best of luck on pulling everything together for a speedy opening. We'll keep an eye on this one for you.

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