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The LOL Comedy Showcase is back and this time it's getting raunchy as the Tennessee Tramp will headline at Jake's on Thursday, July 12th. Yes, that's right, the Tennessee Tramp will hit the stage along with the opening jokester, Dan Whitehurst.

If you missed our last LOL showcase then you missed two very funny guys. The good thing is you can make sure you don't miss this one because it's going to leave you in stitches.

This is a 21 and up show.


Time and Date:

Thursday, July 12th. Two show times. First show at 7:00PM and second show at 9:30PM


Jake's Back Room located at 50th and Slide. Click Here for directions.


Tickets for the show are $15. You can purchase your tickets here at the radio station, at Ralph's Records and at Jake's the night of the show.



The Tennessee Tramp:


Janet Williams, a.k.a., The Tennessee Tramp is a Nationally touring comedian who plays "A" rooms throughout the United States and Canada. She has done several USO tours including Japan, Korea, Guam, and Germany.

Her audiences consist of folks 18 to 80 as her subject matter encompasses all ages, genders, and ethnic groups. She has an endearing stage presence that makes her audiences think of her as a crazy grandmother, a wacky aunt, or a nutty neighbor. All can relate to her in some way.

Besides working the club circuits, Janet does corporate work as well, and has served on the Board of Y-ME in Chattanooga, and has worked their corporate event for three years. She has done comedy for the Erlanger Group for those battling cancer. She has worked fund-raisers for Animal Protection Services both in Chattanooga, and Mississippi.

She has been on National Television for two seasons on BET Comic View, and was cast as Trudy Sparks in the Mystic Java sitcom filmed in Chattanooga.

She is a lovable force to be reckoned with, and audiences leave her shows feeling she is part of the family.

Dan Whitehurst:


Dan Whitehurst is a veteran member of the Armed Robbery unit with Nashville’s Metropolitan Police Department, comedy became a tool to ease volatile situations as well as stress relief for co-workers and crime victims.

Initially starting stand-up “in secret, ” Dan began hitting open mics in and around Nashville in the fall of 1998. Unsure how the police department would react, he did the prudent thing and didn’t tell them. By 1999 he had won the KDF Talent Search and the local news agencies began reporting on the detective with the unusual side job.

With the police departments blessings, Dan continued to juggle both jobs, traveling and performing on his days off. In February 2001, Dan performed in front of 750 people to win the title “World’s Funniest Cop” at the ASLET World Police Championships in Orlando, Florida.

In December of 2002, Dan was named the Metro Nashville Investigator of the year for his part in the investigation of a serial robber/rapist described by the Tennessean as one of Nashville’s most brazen armed robbers.

In May of 2005, Dan left the police department and began traveling as a full time comedian, generating laughs from all over the country. With a laid back style, intelligent, unique material and a thick southern drawl, he is building a fan base at venues across America.

Dan has performed with such acts as Tim Wilson, Ralphie May Killer Beaz, Josh Blue, Jake Johannnsen, Janet Williams, Dave Coulier, Mike Armstrong, and Jay Leno among others.