Edge of Tomorrow should be tailored made for a sequel. The whole movie is a series of sequels! Tom Cruise lives, dies, and repeats the same day over and over again, as a soldier in a future war, until he finally gets it right. It was like Groundhog Day, but with Tom Cruise running in an exo-suit, and it was entirely wonderful.

There have been rumblings of a sequel for several years (in 2017, we heard it might be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat) but now The Hollywood Reporter says that it’s back in active development at Warner Bros., with a new screenwriter:

Edge of Tomorrow filmmaker Doug Liman, Cruise and Blunt are expected to return, dependent on Robinson delivering a script they like. Robinson co-directed and co-wrote the 2009 Ricky Gervais comedy The Invention of Lying and was one of the screenwriters of the 2016 movie Monster Trucks.

The Invention of Lying was actually an interesting, underrated movie (it’s about a world where lying doesn’t exist until one man, played by Gervais, starts doing it) so I could see that guy writing an interesting script around the Edge of Tomorrow repetition conceit. (I will just pretend I did not read the Monster Trucks part of that excerpt up there.)

And Liman, of course, did a superb job directing the chaotic action in the film, as well as the very charismatic lead performances from Blunt as the soldier who takes Cruise’s character under her wing and trains him to be a hero. All in all, it would be good news to see another Edge of Tomorrow. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another.

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