If you've ever seen a Fast And Furious movie, XXX, Grease, or even ChiPs, then you know about Eddie Paul even if you don't know his name. I'll tell you how.

Eddie Paul was a legendary car builder in America. He is the man who built many of the iconic vehicles in the movies I listed above. While I never met the man in person, Lubbock's Jeff Allen from CNBC's The Car Chasers and I had him on our podcast Skidmarks Show.

Eddie was a truly wonderful person and a joy to talk to. Not only did he build hundreds of the world's most iconic cars ever to be seen in movies, he shared his knowledge of how he did it for free. He even started his own online university to share his wealth of car building knowledge.

If you or anybody you know is a car fan, then they owe thanks to this man's genius and endless work ethic.

R.I.P. Eddie, you will be missed.

Hear the interview we did with this amazing man on this episode of Skidmarks Show.

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