Ed Sheeran's "Bloodstream" video (featuring Rudimental) is set to drop on March 23, but our favorite redheaded Brit (sorry, Prince Harry and Ron Weasley!) just gave us a little bit of a mysterious teaser.

The 20-second clip features a man on the roof of a mansion juxtaposed with scenes of him riding a horse and angrily hitting a coffee cup against the wall just as the chorus kicks up a notch. The video was created as part of the YouTube Music Awards, which will also feature brand-new vids from Charli XCX, Max Schneider and many more.

Remember, Sheerios, that this is a different version of "Bloodstream" than the one that appears on Ed's latest, X. For this version of "Bloodstream," the "Thinking Out Loud" crooner teamed up with Rudimental to give the song a whole new feel that adds a bit of a punch. While we're a little partial to the haunting sounds of the album version, we have to admit that we're also totally digging the Rudimental vibes on the new one as well, especially the pop-punk drumming. Of course, Ed famously admitted to Digital Spy that this song was inspired by the time he took MDMA in Ibiza and fell in love with a beanbag, so we're eager to see the vid no matter what.

Let's be honest: At the end of the day, it's Ed Sheeran and it's clear that, musically, the man can do no wrong  So, of course, we're expecting him to knock it out of the park once again with the video for "Bloodstream." Is it March 23 yet?

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