You may be surprised to learn this, but the State of Texas has no official State Soft Drink. Dr Pepper is attempting to change that.

On Monday, Dr Pepper launched a petition on asking the Texas Legislature to name it the Official Soft Drink of Texas. The petition, as of 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 16th, had over 12,000 signatures.

Dr Pepper laid out the reason for the petition on the website:

Created in Waco, TX in 1885, Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in the United States, and while the brand has grown exponentially since its early years, it has never forgotten where it started.  Like any Texan, Dr Pepper has only the deepest pride and appreciation for its home state.  Now Dr Pepper is calling on its passionate fans to support its quest to become the first Official Soft Drink of the Lone Star State.  Dr Pepper has a rich, storied history in the great state of Texas and being named its official soft drink would mark a new milestone for the beloved brand to celebrate for generations to come.

Texas Celebrates its Heartland

To celebrate its mission to become the Official Soft Drink of Texas, Dr Pepper will debut a collection of special edition bottle labels inspired by the brand’s heritage, available only in-state for a limited time.

Whether it's a genius marketing ploy or a legitimate attempt at becoming the Official Soft Drink of Texas, it's a great move by the company and has a lot of people talking. The question is, will state lawmakers go for it?

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