The drama surrounding Dr. Luke and Kesha, sadly, continues.

This week, the producer filed a second defamation lawsuit against the pop star's mother, Pebe Sebert, The Wrap reports.

Filed in federal court in Tennessee on Wednesday, September 7, the suit alleges that Sebert has "continued to publicly defame" Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, since he first filed back in 2014. Reportedly, Sebert refused to approve an amendment to Gottwald's first suit which would include any defamatory statements made about him since its initial filing, so the producer was forced to file a second suit.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, Gottwald's lawyer, Christina Lepera, said, "After we originally filed suit against Pebe Sebert, she continued to make outrageous, false and defamatory statements against Dr. Luke in her widespread media campaign to damage and smear his name...Sebert's lawyers flat out refused to allow us to add those statements to the existing case or to toll the statute of limitations on them — so we've been compelled to file an additional action."

Like the 2014 suit, Dr. Luke's new complaint accuses Kesha's mother of leading "a campaign of publishing false and shocking accusations against Gottwald."

The suit includes offenses from over the past two years, including a November 2015 tweet in which Sebert wrote, "Kesha can't legally put out music unless she makes it under complete control of a man who raped her at 18."

In a statement to PEOPLE on Friday, Sebert's lawyer, Alex Little, said that the producer's latest lawsuit was simply a second effort to sue "a mother for publicly supporting and believing her daughter about being raped."

"It's also a transparent attempt to delay the trial of these issues. Mrs. Sebert looks forward to presenting her case to a jury as soon as possible. When the evidence is made public, she expects the jury will conclude that all of her statements have been justified," Little added.

Dr. Luke's current suit seeks unspecified damages but asserts that the damages would be "greatly in excess of the $75,000 jurisdictional minimum."

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