If you have air conditioning, you should really turn it down as low as it will go this Sunday.

NewsChannel 11 strikes again! According to their mobile app this morning, it's going to be a scorching 967 degrees on Sunday, July 15, with a 10 percent chance of rain.

Credit: Amber Nichols
Credit: Amber Nichols

That is really hot. (Editor's Note: KCBD did correct the mistake.)

To give you an idea of how hot that would be: Tin melts at 450 degrees, lead at 621 degrees, and zinc at 787 degrees.

Obviously, it won't actually be that hot in Lubbock. According to our favorite meteorologist, KAMC 28's own Ron Roberts, it should be a nice 96 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

If it does get to 967 degrees in your area, please let us know. (That is if you survive the sunburn!)

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