Dia de Muertos is here and that means there might be some things you might have forgotten in your rush to get ready for your departed loved ones. There might be some things you might have forgotten to get this Dia de Muertos that might seem like no brainers but are very much needed.


You might be wondering why this is important but a glass of water is very important especially because in Mexico it's traditional to give your guests a drink. So the same goes for your dearly departed guests that will be visiting your ofrenda as they will need a glass of water. You are more than welcome to add a coffee or their favorite type of alcoholic beverage because it is all about them.

Something Sweet

Everyone knows you should have your loved ones favorite foods at the ofrenda but usually some people forget about getting something sweet. This does mean a pan dulce, or pan de muertos, and maybe a candy or candied pumpkin so it fits the theme. If you have a hard time finding these items you can usually go to Amigo's or any other mercado during the Fall season.


This is very important and with all the preparations and cooking can sometimes be forgotten or left for something very last minutes and that's marigolds. Cempasuchil, marigolds, are used to guide the way for loved ones to your ofrenda and smell amazing which is what is said to attract the souls of the dead. You don't have to lay petals down like in the movie Coco but a few flowers on the ofrenda, along with some fake monarch butterflies, will work just fine.

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