Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is an upcoming American horror film written by Matthew Robbins and Guillermo del Toro and directed by comic book artist Troy Nixey. It is a remake of the 1973 ABC made-for-television horror film of the same name.

When young Sally (Bailee Madison), her father(Guy Pearce), and his girlfriend (Katie Holmes) move into Blackwood Manor, Sally is taunted by "voices" that plead for her to set them free in a sealed up basement. Sally's curiosity consumes her when she opens a door in a fire place keeping them and frees a group of little, demonic monsters who are very "hungry" and "want her". The only trouble is that no one believes her. Can she escape this hellish nightmare or will she be at the mercy of the creatures?

Guillermo del Toro takes you on a trip through hell that even gives Freddy K. nightmares!

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Trailer 2 Official (HD)

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (1973) USA video trailer

The Movie Maven: Guillermo Del Toro Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Looks like the scariest of the summer.

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