Getting robbed is horrible enough, but losing your beloved dog in the process is even worse.

A male Bordie Collie mix is missing after a robbery that occurred in the area around Erskine and Frankford:

STOLEN or Let Out during HOME ROBBERY last night 12/5 around 10pm. PLEASE SHARE!!!
We are devastated. No collar since we had just bathed him and were only gone 2 hours. Area of Erskine and Frankford near Lynwood Townhomes. Could be near 4th and Slide or have gone north. No questions asked on the items stolen, we just want our dog. I will give any details needed. Police report filed as well. If you see anything please message me.
1/2 Great Pyrenees 1/2 Border Collie. 50-60 pounds.

The owner is Amy Blount. If you see her dog, please message her or comment on the original thread in Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock. 

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