Here's the deal:  Justin and Selena Gomezwere at a mall near his home in Calabasas, California on Sunday. After shopping they headed back to their car and of course the scum of the earth Papparazzi were in there. After words a scuffle ensued, and the photographer ended up calling 911.  By the time police got there, Justin and Selena were gone.  But the guy was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was treated for pain to his upper torso.

Police are investigating, and they want to talk to Justin and Selena!

Now here's what witnesses had to say about the incident.  The photographer was blocking Justin's car and Justin asked him to move.  When he wouldn't, Justin got out of his car and that's when things got physical. Now check this out. A lawyer who just happened to be on the scene walked up to the photographer after Justin left and advised him that he could make a nice wad of cash if he called an ambulance and filed a police report. And what do you know. The call was made.

There's no word exactly how the fight, or whatever, went down.  Even with all these witnesses, there seems to be a lack of any details. But there are pictures, and if you ask me it does look like Justin got into a physical altercation with the guy.  JB even lost a shoe and his hat.

Get the full story and see those pics HERE.



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