Many of us are transplants for college from bigger Texas cities. If you're from the DFW area, when you head back for the holidays keep an eye out for the South Arlington Sign Slayer.

20 year old Michael Hildreth is a sign slinger for Papa Murphy's Pizza in Arlington, TX. But he's way more than just that. He's making a name for himself as the headbanging sign slayer of the metroplex. He had been late to work too many times in a month and as punishment they made him swing the sign by the highway. While he was paying his dues he decided to play some music he liked to pass the time. Dug up some Slipknot on his phone and went to town. The rest, as they say, is history.

Unfortunately he was so good at it he's now a full time sign slayer, but we get to reap the rewards watching him in this video.