Dev gives fans a glimpse of what she’s packing inside her convertible in her new video for ‘In My Trunk.’ Shot in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, Dev teams up with her buddies the Cataracs, who likely produced this heavily Auto-tuned track for her upcoming debut album ‘The Night the Sun Came Up.’

Throughout Dev’s clip for ‘In My Trunk,’ the super fierce songstress pops the back of her pimped-out white convertible to reveal what she’s hiding. At one point, the Cataracs are pictured sneakily climbing out of the trunk of the car, which leads us to assume that Dev is some sort of criminal on the run. This assumption is only proven further as the trunk opens to reveal a suitcase packed with stacks of money and a dude who is hog-tied and gagged.

Later on, as the ‘In My Trunk’ video progresses, Dev herself takes a ride in the back of the car, wearing a military-style vest with a bright orange-red flannel. After we see her crew of Mexican homegirls and some serious booty popping, Dev appears through a thick cloud of smoke singing about how she’s got “that thump in my trunk.” Perhaps her thump was a little too much, though, as she’s seen getting pulled over by the police at the end! We hope she was let off with just a warning!

Watch the Dev ‘In My Trunk’ Video

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