Demi Lovato isn't shy about sharing makeup-free selfies. She does it semi-frequently, but every time she does, we're totally compelled to stare and marvel at her physical gifts. Demetria is quite a beauty.

The singer, who just headed out of the country for tour dates, with her new, blondish hair, posted a photo of her lovely face, completely devoid of product, Lovato looks like she just woke up, but her natural beauty asserts itself, even if her eyes show a bit of tiredness.

Lovato, who has cultivated a rocker chick chic through the last several years, is blessed with great features, from her cheekbones to her almond-like eyeshape to her pouty lips, and this photo is evidence of her general loveliness. She doesn't need a lot of product to enhance what she has.

It's also brave of her to post a photo such as this. So many celeb selfies, taken in bed or without makeup, feel posed or anything but spontaneous. In fact, we wouldn't be shocked if said celebs take a minute before posing to throw on a little cover up or even a lip balm. Lovato never shies away from sharing her life with her Lovatics, and this type of photo is just another way she lets us in.

See Demi in all her au naturel glory below.

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