Dave Chappelle has explained why he basically stood in front of a crowd at the Seminole Hard Rock in Florida last month, checking text messages and occasionally muttering to the crowd for 45 minute. He blames the Seminole Indians.  Not ALL Seminole Indians.  Just a rude bunch of them who were seated right in front of the stage.  And apparently, because they were Seminoles, security refused to quiet them down.

In a radio interview yesterday (On WILD 94.9 in San Francisco) Dave said, quote, "I didn't get a chance to do anything , I can hear and see everything [in the front row]. "You can't possibly expect me to do a show here there's got to be a little bit of cooperation." He was also afraid to fight back against the hecklers, because he thought they were trying to get a, quote, "Reverse Kramer" moment out of him meaning they wanted to get him to start going off on a racist rant against them. Especially since everyone was taping him quote, "I came out on stage and the YouTube extravaganza began." But Dave said he went back to the Seminole the next night to perform, because it was a charity event, and he didn't want to put a "Stink Vibe" on it.



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