There's a new fad in Japan called "dancing squid." It's not uncommon to eat squid. In fact I love calamari and have some almost every time its on the menu. But this might be a little tough to swallow. "Dancing Squid" is a Japanese entrée that involves pouring soy sauce over a freshly killed squid which makes the squid's tentacles flail around and it looks like it's still alive. It happens because the salt activates the cells in the muscles so even though it's dead, it looks like the squid is still alive when you eat it. Watch if you can.

Some people are disturbed by this but have you ever seen another Asian custom of actually eating live octopus? You can now. Welcome to Korea where live octopus is a delicacy. You jam the octopus onto a set of chopsticks, wrap its tentacles around the chopsticks, dip in your favorite sauce and enjoy!

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