I was expecting us near the top, mainly because the NFL season is when my drinking gets multiplied by five EASILY. However, looks like I am not doing enough drinking compared to other fan bases in the NFL.

A survey came out from Sportshandle that a lot of people are talking about this week. Unfortunately, when I go to their website it crashes, but USA Today broke down their results here. Fans were surveyed on how many drinks they consume during a game and how much they spend on alcohol at a game.

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So this is for fans in the stadium and not sitting at home watching on TV. My drinking is usually less at the stadium compared to what I do at home. Since Jerry Jones loves charging nine dollars for a great tasting less filling Miller Lite. Jerry knows we're going to pay it and he's got to pay off that yacht somehow.

Turns out Dallas ranks near the middle for this season. Coming in at fourteen with 3.7 drinks per game. The Cowboys are the drunkest fans in the NFC East, so I guess we win there! You can check out the full list below to see where your favorite team falls on the list.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (average drinks: 5.2)
  2. Baltimore Ravens (average drinks: 4.7)
  3. Buffalo Bills (average drinks: 4.5)
  4. Chicago Bears (average drinks: 4.5)
  5. Carolina Panthers (average drinks: 4.4)
  6. Denver Broncos (average drinks: 4.4)
  7. Los Angeles Chargers (average drinks: 4.4)
  8. Cleveland Browns (average drinks: 4.3)
  9. Los Angeles Rams (average drinks: 4.3)
  10. Detroit Lions (average drinks: 4.1)
  11. Atlanta Falcons (average drinks: 3.9)
  12. Houston Texans (average drinks: 3.8)
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (average drinks: 3.8)
  14. Dallas Cowboys (average drinks: 3.7)
  15. Green Bay Packers (average drinks: 3.7)
  16. Indianapolis Colts (average drinks: 3.7)
  17. New York Jets (average drinks: 3.7)
  18. Washington Football Team (average drinks: 3.7)
  19. Jacksonville Jaguars (average drinks: 3.6)
  20. Las Vegas Raiders (average drinks: 3.6)
  21. New Orleans Saints (average drinks: 3.6)
  22. Kansas City Chiefs (average drinks: 3.5)
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers (average drinks: 3.5)
  24. Arizona Cardinals (average drinks: 3.4)
  25. New York Giants (average drinks: 3.4)
  26. Philadelphia Eagles (average drinks: 3.4)
  27. Miami Dolphins (average drinks: 3.3)
  28. Seattle Seahawks (average drinks: 3.3)
  29. Minnesota Vikings (average drinks: 3.2)
  30. New England Patriots (average drinks: 3.0)
  31. Tennessee Titans (average drinks: 3.0)
  32. San Francisco 49ers (average drinks: 2.6)

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