Texas Tech Football was in Arlington at AT&T Stadium this week for Big 12 Media Days, and it looks like they had an absolute blast. According to the Teams Twitter account, "Nobody had more fun than us at Big 12 FB Media Days." It certainly looks like they enjoyed themselves.

Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, Myles Price, Caleb Rogers and Tyree Wilson all had great moments in front of the media, with Myles Price and Caleb Rogers having the big highlight roasting Joey McGuire for having a big head.

Taylor-Demerson, commonly called Rabbit, also had some great moments, like this one originally shared by Sean Dillon of Rock 101. "We're sitting on the turf where we want to be playing at the end of the year," Taylor-Demerson said of Jerry World, the site of the Big 12 Championship game. He also said of Murray State, the Red Raiders opener, "I feel bad for 'em."

The guys weren't done there though. They were joined by Joey McGuire and Tony Bradford who was in Arlington for another Big 12 event at a Texas Rangers game against the Seattle Mariners.

Dadrion threw out the first pitch and definitely got it over the plate. He was then joined by Raider Red, the Masked Rider, and McGuire as they celebrated Texas Tech night at the ballpark.

Here's another angle of the strike.

I say strike because the Rangers mascot Captain called it a strike.

I know it's the offseason and the team is still a couple of weeks away from starting fall camp, but I really like the vibe from the players at Big 12 Media Days. All four of the players at Media Days, five including Bradford, are Captain types and if the team rallies around them, I think Texas Tech could make a little noise in McGuire's first season at the helm.

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