Every state has their share of ghost stories and creepy sightings. Texas has two such sightings that are unexplained to this day.

One photo is from Dallas, Texas from the JFK assassination (timestamp in video: 2:17) that shows an unidentified woman commonly referred to as The Babushka Lady. To this day, the identity of the woman has yet to be discovered.

The second photo is even creepier and will definitely give you chills. The photo is typically referred to as the "The Falling Body."

Taken after The Coopers moved into a new house in Texas, this photo seems to show a person hanging upside down over their dining room table. As you can clearly see in the video above (timestamp: 4:03), the family seems to have no idea that something so horrific is happening right behind them.

What do you think about these scary, Texas-based photos?

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