Mixtapes & Roller Skates - Philadelphia
Getty Images for HBO

Crazy Skates of Lubbock (2424 Clovis Road) is hosting a Cumbia Skate Jam on Saturday, July 20th.

The event is BYOB, so try not to crash on your skates. You'll feel it the next day, I promise.

Join us for the 1st Annual Cumbia Skate Jam! 5 of the city’s hottest DJ’s, BYOB, Food Vendors, Merchandise, and more! All happening July 20th 9:00 at Crazy Skates of Lubbock!

Some of the DJs performing are DJ Matador, DJ Lifestyle and, of course, (we aren't biased at all) the BEST one: DJ Ricky Ri. (Okay, we are totally biased.)

This event seems like an absolute blast, and if all goes well I bet it becomes a regular thing. But we have to support the first one to make that happen.

Drink & Skate responsibly!

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