One common trait many adults have carried with them from the time they were babies is the need for some sort of noise while they sleep.

Whether it is music, the TV, a fan, or something else, this noise can be soothing and absolutely necessary for some sleepers. While it is easy for an adult to simply turn on the fan or buy a white noise machine, the same can’t be said for infants. This can leave some parents frustrated because they may not know exactly why their baby wont sleep, or the one noise the baby likes to sleep to might be inconvenient for the parent.

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This problem is the exact reason why Mini Ducklings designed their series of noise machines disguised as toys for babies to sleep with.

The founder of Mini Ducklings was met with the problem when her baby would refuse to sleep unless a hair dryer was running. Of course, that is quite inconvenient for her to always have a hair dryer running, so she came up with a solution.

She made ‘Soothie Sounds’, which are plush toys that look like the sound they are imitating. There are a variety of options like a hairdryer, vacuum, box fan, and washing machine. This way your kid can still have the sound that comforts them, without having to unnecessarily run any appliances.

Mini Ducklings also makes other helpful products like the ‘Soothie Sleeve’ which is designed to help comfort babies with the smell of their mother.

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