My grandfather had a kindly saying he reserved for the chronically, let's say...intelligently different. In his deep Oklahoma drawl, he'd say: "I am so sorry you ain't never been anywhere or done anything," and unfortunately he had ample occasion to use it. He was an amazing, well-traveled, well-read man Southern man. Where did all those men go, anyway?

Bless the heart of the car driver in the photo above who's tailgating a salt truck. Perhaps it made them feel safer to be that close? It definitely isn't, by the way. Or perhaps they were just impatient or in a hurry or just didn't know any better.

I'm frustrated that the obvious isn't obvious to that person here, but following a salt or sand truck is a bad idea.

Salt is corrosive and can damage your paint. Tailgating a truck can prevent the salt or sand from proper placement on the roadway. Also, maybe don't tailgate any vehicle during icy conditions. I never tailgate any commercial vehicle, but I'm also part of the generation who saw all the Final Destination movies at an impressionable age.

The City of Lubbock used humor as their gentle reminder on this issue on their Facebook page:

Your tailgating is making us salty! 😳 Seriously, City street crews are working in convoys of heavy equipment to treat local roadways. You do not want to be in the way of, or tailgate, a snow plow or them putting down the salt/sand mix. Please stay clear of the convoys. Allow them the time and room to work for you.

Roads will likely stay rough for a while; take care out there, Lubbock.

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Wild Pictures From a Lubbock Hailstorm (May 20th, 2020)

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