Less than one day after The Garden posted on social media about no longer being pet-friendly due to the City of Lubbock, the City has made an announcement that I find funny.

The City of Lubbock Health Department is now working on variances that will allow pet-friendly venues in the City again. But like everything else in the city, it must go to the City Council for two readings before the ordinance can be modified.

Now, onto the fun part.

Why is the City just now saying something about this? Seems they had a lot of last-minute pressure on them. Not to mention that it took over a year for the City to realize that this was going on and do something about it.

We have a lot of outdated ordinances on the books, and the City seems to be in no hurry to change them unless pressured to do so, as in this case.

If you want these changes for pet-friendly venues to go through, call or email your City councilperson and tell them how you feel.

You can find out who your councilperson is and how to contact them by clicking here.

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