I recently saw Wonder Woman at Tinseltown (82nd & University) because my bestie V demanded that I try out their new Luxury Lounger seats. I was NOT disappointed.

Not only are they incredibly comfortable, they naturally create more space between you and other people so I heard no ambient theater sounds -- popcorn crunching, mumbling, etc. -- the entire time I watched the movie. I feel like these seats might bring people with misophonia (irrational anger towards mouth sounds of other people) back to the theater.

The chairs recline electronically and far back enough to get really cozy, but not so far back that you're guaranteed to fall asleep. The comfort, the awesome air conditioning and the dark of the theater were a welcome respite from the brutal heat we've been having lately.

Cinemark's Movies 16 will also have the new Luxury Loungers by the end of the year. Tinseltown has also recently added a bar, so you can crack open a cold one while watching a brand new film on Cinemark's crisp, huge screens with their incredible sound.

It's like you're in your own living room -- if you had a billionaire's living room.

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