As a radio personality I live by one rule, a microphone could always be live and you may not know it. You never know so don't ever say anything you might regret. A lesson that Cyndi Lauper learned this weekend.

Cyndi was the Grand Marshall for the Pegasus Parade at the Kentucky Derby on Thursday.  And she accidentally dropped an F-bomb on live TV (oops) while she was talking to a huge crowd of kids. Someone had just handed her a microphone, and for some reason she talked into it and thought it wasn't on.  But it was.  Then while she was walking toward the crowd, she said, quote, "Of course it's not on.  [Effing] idiot."
Who would have known that Cyndi was such a potty-mouth! It's a kids function
, According to RadarOnline, Cyndi apologized and felt really bad for saying it in front of so many children.Check it out:

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