Big, bold, loud and proud.

That’s how the duet between Christina Aguilera and her charge Chris Mann went down on tonight’s (May 7) final performance round of ‘The Voice.’ The duo performed ‘The Prayer,’ which Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion sang so beautifully together. How did they match up? Like towering infernos of voice, that’s how.

Mann is the last man standing, er, singing for Team Xtina, so for his first performance, he and his coach paired beautifully and flawlessly for the song. It was the right move, since he is classically trained. That unconventional style requires a little help or prodding for the American mainstream to fully comprehend. To sing this gorgeous duet with his already famous coach was a brilliant move.

Mann is the next Josh Groban. He and Xtina looked stunning in their formal, black tie attire.

He returned a bit later to sing his coach’s ‘The Voice Within,’ delivering it in such a pretty way. It wasn’t too operatic, nor was it too poppy and ultimately something Mann is not. It had a mainstream accessibility. It meshes classic and modern at once. That ain’t easy to do.

There’s a whole world of housewives — and we mean that lovingly — that are drawn to artists like Mann. He can fully and successfully tap into that demographic so we think he certainly has more than a fair shot at winning Season 2 of ‘The Voice.’

For his third performance, he finally sang a Groban tune, offering up ‘You Raise Me Up’ for the votes. Much like his cover of Xtina’s ‘The Voice Within,’ it was epic, classic and current at once. He was joined by a unisex choir, which only served to elevate his own vox.

We have nothing else to say other than he is the Mann and can sing his butt off. It made his coach cry. We grabbed a tissue, too. Real ‘Voice’ fans aren’t afraid to cry.

Watch Chris Mann + Christina Aguilera Perform ‘The Prayer’ on ‘The Voice’

Watch Chris Mann Perform ‘The Voice Within’ on ‘The Voice’

Watch Chris Mann Perform ‘You Raise Me Up’ on ‘The Voice’

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