Besides having sheer talent, there's no doubt that Chris Brown has a colorful personality but it may not be as bright as his new hairdo.

A fan of the R&B star posted a few photos of Breezy's new look, which consists of red, blue, purple, green and blond.

In the first of three Instagram photos, you can see the front of Brown's hair, which gives a nice view of each color. From this particular angle, it looks like red is the most prominent shade and it appears on his head the brightest. A second Instagram post shows the Virginia native singing a new song. "Good to be writing again," the caption reads.

The last photo showcases all of the colors best. By the looks of it, each color is layered. Red sits at the top, which is surrounded by a purplish-blue color, and from there you're able to see just a touch of green, with the bottom half of Chris' head covered in blond.

Breezy's followers offered immediate feedback, which is mostly positive.

"This one dude who can pull off almost [any] look and still look dashing," one person wrote. "He is the only one I have seen that can pull it off," wrote another on Instagram.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Breezy is still trying to win back the affection of Karrueche Tran. The singer, who was dumped by Tran after she found out he had a baby during their relationship, has been liking her photos on Instagram, leaving messages on her phone and texting her. None of it has worked out for him.

Take a look at Chris Brown's new hair color and read fans' reactions below.

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