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A Chick-fil-A employee recently posted a video exposing how they allegedly prepare their chicken nuggets and chicken filets.

When you think of fast-food chicken, you would expect premade, frozen nuggets that they just throw in the fryer, but apparently, that’s not the case for Chick-fil-A. They seem to actually use fresh ingredients and prepare everything by hand.

The videos posted on TikTok show the pre-cut nuggets of meat that come in a pre-marinated bag being put in a metal basket. The raw meat is then coated in what I imagine to be buttermilk before being tossed in flour. The breaded chicken is then put in the frier and crisped up to perfect golden nuggets.

The same process is used for the chicken filets that they use for their sandwiches and other menu items.

The comments on the videos are full of people praising that Chick-fil-A actually uses real chunks of chicken rather than the frozen nuggets made with ground-up meat that many other establishments use.

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Other commenters are claiming that they are not preparing the chicken properly and that they don’t think the TikToker really works at Chick-fil-A.

Whether this is actually how they make them or not, It seems like it would be pretty easy to make these nuggets from home. It might not taste exactly the same, but just get some chicken breast, buttermilk, flour, and fry them up. However, the real thing we need to know is how the Chick-fil-A sauce is made, then you can really have a DIY Chick-fil-A feast.

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