What someone calls home can look different for everyone. For this family, their home is an old-school building that they bought and repurposed into a place to live.  

TikToker Riley Hansen is popular on the video-sharing app for posting about his 90s Mazda Miata and 97 Subaru Impreza. Along with posting about his cars, he's also known for being a part of this family that lives in a school building. He primarily posts car content, but he occasionally provides updates to his audience about what it’s like living in a repurposed school.  

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His most recent video about his home currently has 9.7 million views and 1.7 million likes. In this video, he shares some of the positives about living in a school. 

That video was a follow-up to another video he made talking about the negatives of living in a school.  

Hansen started posting about living in the school in early 2021 and quickly gained a lot of attention for it. Many people were curious about what it was like and how people were actually able to buy a school and turn it into a home.

Hansen made many videos answering these questions while showing different parts of the home that they had renovated over the years they’d been living there, including how they renovated the kitchen and indoor swimming pool, and how Hansen himself took over the principal and assistant principal’s offices as his bedroom and office.  

You can check out more of Hansen's video on his TikTok, although you might have to scroll through quite a bit of car content before getting to some of his original school videos. 

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