Well for a while everyone might not have been saying it, but you know you were thinking it....


"Man, she's gained some weight!" But don't worry, Kelly Clarkson has stepped up and slimmed down and is now on the latest cover of a popular magazine. Check it out inside to see which one!

That's right! Kelly has dropped the weight and slipped into some skin tight and very flattering jeans for her cover shoot for Lucky magazine.

Many speculate about the reasons behind her weight gain, but who cares! She's shed it off and is looking fabulous and it's easy to guess WHO rather than WHY she decided to trim down.

Her new boy toy, Brandon Blackstock, who is the stepson of country queen Reba McEntire, seems to be the motivation behind it all! After all, who really wants to not look their very best for their significant other? NOBODY!!! So good job Kelly! You look AWESOME!!!

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