In honor of his new upcoming movie, 'Magic Mike', Channing Tatum was interviewed on The Today Show and gave Ann Curry an unexpected surprise..... check it out.

With talk of chaps and dancing, Channing Tatum wooed the crowds in New York on The Today show to promote his new film, 'Magic Mike', this morning.

If you've never done any reading up on Mr. Tatum, you'll be interested to know that he actually was a male...."dancer" before he was discovered by a modeling agency. Of course, how could he manage to keep all of himself to, well, himself for long? After his discovery, Channing's been acting and modeling and making the most of if.

From his interview, it's good to see he sounds very humble (something you don't see much of these days). Anywho, towards the end of his interview, Ann Curry got one attractive flash surprise that you gotta see! ......


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