Cam Batson is now a proud Texas Tech University alum. And as a current player, he understands the Double T's importance and the unity it can bring to the team.

During the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State pregame press conference at Jones AT&T Stadium Tuesday morning, Batson discussed what the hashtag #TTVE (Texas Tech Vs Everybody) means to him and the team.

Judging by his passionate answer, it's clearly not just a hashtag:

That means a lot. We were a team last year that didn't win a lot of games. We're the team that the media talked about how poorly we would be this year that we want to prove everyone wrong. That Texas Tech versus everybody means a lot. They took the double T away from us this summer and in the spring. We had to earn that back. You come to this school because that double T should be worn with pride. So Texas Tech versus everybody, it means a lot. It means a lot to me and me and Coach Kingsbury, and because they were alumni of this school as well as to myself now. Yeah, it definitely means a lot.

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