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The Buddy Holly Center's Summer Showcase for 2022 will feature Texas native and current Lubbock resident Chris Hudgins. Known for his smooth delivery and spontaneous musicianship-infused performances, along with an upbeat and genuine vibe, Hudgins will perform Thursday, June 9th at the Meadows Courtyard at the Buddy Holly Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Chris Hudgins was born in Longview, Texas but grew up just north of Amarillo in Dumas before moving to Lubbock, where he's been performing professionally for 11 years. Hudgins has been playing music for 22 years.

In an interview with KFYO News, Hudgins said he is a soul artist who's influenced by pop, R&B and the soul genre itself. Hudgins has been performing around Lubbock at various venues, which he adds to his own digital calendar to make it easier to find his shows, which offer the smoothest southern hospitality vibes across the South Plains.

Hudgins' collaborative single "Buddy Hollywood" is a beautiful mix of different styles that I have shared with many people, some local and not local, to get a variety of opinions. Nathan "Dubxilla" Rogers conceptualized the song with Hudgins, and the sounds that come together to form the catchy tune provide the same feelings of a long Sunday during a three-day weekend.

The common theme in all the answers received by first time listeners is that the song feels like a getaway vacation, and even a sense of everything will get better. I personally was instantly transported to the Depot District during a busy art weekend, chasing a pre-pandemic summer night with a glass of wine at McPherson Wine Cellars and grabbing a bite to eat from a local food truck.

Hudgins will be releasing an album in two or three months that will showcase his unique soul style. But right now, one thing's clear: "Buddy Hollywood" is THE Lubbock summer anthem of 2022.

Admission to the Buddy Holly Center Summer Showcase is free to the public, but outside food and beverages, along with chairs and picnic blankets, are not permitted. Guests are encouraged to walk through exhibitions during the Summer Showcase hours.

Listen to "Buddy Hollywood" by Chris Hudgins below:

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