Just over a week ago brought the tragic news that 21-year-old 'Buckwild' star Shain Gandee died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, along with his uncle and a friend in rural West Virginia. Following the tragedy, MTV postponed a decision on 'Buckwild's' second season, but now it seems the network has officially decided to halt production on the Appalachian reality series.

Though MTV has yet to make the official announcement, TMZ has confirmed that 'Buckwild' will halt production on its second season, effectively canceling the series after the unfortunate "mudding" accident that claimed the lives of series star Shain Gandee and two others in the vehicle. MTV reportedly offered no official explanation to the cast and crew of the cancellation.

Word broke on Monday, April 1 that Gandee's body had been found, following a 31-hour period in which the vibrant young reality star and his relatives had been reported missing. MTV production crews had not been with Gandee at the time of his decision to go off-roading, though filming of the 'Jersey Shore'-style series' second season had begun.

Gandee's death proved the culmination of a series of troubles surrounding the young West Virginia stars at 'Buckwild's' center, following the drug possession arrest of cast member Salwa Amin and DUI arrest of Michael Burford. A funeral for Gandee and the deceased was held over the weekend, with expenses covered by MTV.

Four episodes of the second season were reportedly shot, though MTV will likely scrap the material, and potentially air a special taped several months prior.

A sad end to 'Buckwild,' and a sadder end to the story that claimed Shain Gandee and two others, but perhaps best that that the series end there. Feel free to leave your remembrances in the comments.

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