When planning a wedding, the bride and groom work every detail out down to what color napkins will be on the table during the reception.

All the expenses add up to a hefty chunk of change, including paying for a venue, flowers, hiring a caterer and much more.

Each individual guest cost money, which is why guests count is extremely important to the couple throwing the wedding.

Most guests are respectful when it comes to the amount of people in attendance at the ceremony, and won't bring extra uninvited guests.

That said, one woman took to Reddit wondering if she was out of line for asking her friend to foot the bill for bringing her two uninvited children along to her wedding as the bride had to pay extra due to their attendance.

"I had my wedding last weekend. It was a small wedding at a small venue that has a strict capacity due to fire codes," the woman wrote via Reddit. "One of my guests showed up with her 2 children, who were not invited, not in the RSVP, and obviously not in the seating chart."

Not only did the friend bring her uninvited children, she decided to alter the seating arrangement to suit her needs, too.

Marc Babin via Unsplash
Marc Babin via Unsplash

"She came in, decided to seat them at her table, taking away the spots of my other guests who were actually invited," the disgruntled bride wrote, adding other guests were annoyed by the children taking up the extra space. "A small commotion broke out when she refused to give those seats back, and the venue manager noticed and said that we'd be charged a fine for exceeding capacity, as stated in the contract."

The frustrated bride noted that when she "got the bill," she sent it to her friend and asked her to pay the fine.

The woman refused. "She claimed that it is not her fault, and that I should have factored in unforeseen charges when budgeting for my wedding. And she couldn't find a babysitter, so she had no choice, and that I should be grateful she took the effort to attend my wedding anyway."

Reddit users quickly rallied behind the bride, noting that she should potentially seek legal action.

"Drop her like a hot potato. And she definitely had a choice — she could have stayed home with her 2 kids. There shouldn't be unforeseen charges at a wedding, especially not ones involving people that were NOT invited," one person wrote.

Another commented: "I'm an attorney and based on the facts as you told them to me, you 100% have a cause of action against her. Depending on the amount you were fined, it might be a small claims issue. But since it was your wedding day, if you really want to go after this person, I can’t IMAGINE the emotional damage you just have suffered from this person's deliberate and insensitive actions."

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